The BETA Promotion

Hi there,

This is Christopher. For the past year I’ve been building, a crowdfunding platform for students. The primary goal of is to help students with school expenses. The latest statistic says the average cost for a four-year degree in the U.S. is well over $100,000. Even with student loans, the average graduate is almost $40,000 in debt. This is a serious issue that’s only getting worse each year.

Now that I’ve finished with the initial development, I want students to start using so they can begin crowdfunding their books and classes. I’ve come up with a little promotion to get things started…

Complete funding for one of your items and will match it up to $20.*
*Limit one per student. Promotion valid while posted. Minimum two items required.   Get Started


I sincerely believe that an education has the power to transform both individuals and the community they live in. My hope is that will serve as a useful tool for students to get all the financial assistance they need for their education.


Christopher John
Founder at