What is fullride.me?
fullride.me is a crowdfunding platform intended to aid students in paying for their school expenses or student loans. By signing up with fullride.me, students can add books and classes with individual donation goals, which can easily be shared with their friends and family. Check out this video for more info…

How does it work?
1. Signup
To get your free fullride.me site, visit fullride.me/signup. Once setup, you can connect your account to Stripe to safely send donations to your bank.

2. Customize
From the dashboard you can upload a profile picture, write a brief message to potential donors, link to your various social profiles and control the colors of your fullride.me site.

3. Add
From the “Add” section of your dashboard you can add books, classes or any other miscellaneous school expenses you have. You can also write a blog post to keep visitors updated with your school projects or topics discussed in class.


4. Share
Once you have your profile customized and all your school expenses listed, all that’s left is sharing your fullride.me page with your friends and family.

How is fullride.me different from other crowdfunding sites?
Instead of listing a single $150,000 campaign goal like every other crowdfunding site out there, students can list individual items they need help with. This way students can update the site with their ongoing expenses and donors can choose how they’ll contribute to the student’s education. Also, fullride.me has the lowest application fees among all major crowdfunding sites. That means more money going towards your education. Win!
How do I signup?
You can signup for a free fullride.me account here: fullride.me/signup
What is a “Verified Student”?
Students that create a fullride.me account using a .edu school email address will receive a “Verified Student” badge on their page next to their school name. This is an attempt to give potential donors added confidence when supporting a student. More info about the “Verified Student” feature here


What does “BETA” mean?
The term “beta” is typically applied to new software that has not had extensive user testing. Now that development for fullride.me has finished, we need students to actually start using it! More info about The BETA Program here: fullride.me/beta
Do I have to pay for my books or classes before I can add them?
No. Students can add content before OR after they pay for them. All they need to know is the book/class details (i.e. ISBN number, title, description and cost).
Can visitors donate from their phone?
Yes, fullride.me is 100% mobile friendly. On certain phones, visitors can even take a picture of their credit card instead of having to type in all the numbers. As an added precaution, fullride.me does not receive any information about credit cards used on the site. Transactions are 100% managed by Stripe.
Do users have to register in order to donate?
No. Registering or signing up is NOT necessary in order to donate to a student’s campaign.
How do students receive donations?
Part of the signup process with fullride.me is getting a Stripe account. The student’s Stripe account is used to receive donations. Once funds enter the student’s Stripe account, they can then withdrawal their funds to the bank account they provide in their Stripe profile.
Do donations go directly towards school expenses?

Once the student receives the donations into their Stripe account, there really is no way to control how the funds are actually used. It is up to the discretion of the student to determine the allocation of donations received. This is true for all major crowdfunding sites.

While there is a bit of an honor system at work here, the thinking is that students at some point will have (or have had) school expenses. The donations they receive through fullride.me are intended to off-set those costs that they incur.

Are there any fees?

When students receive a donation, there is a transaction fee of 2.9% + $.30 (applied by Stripe) and an application fee of 4.5% (applied by fullride.me). For example, if a student receives a $100 donation, the net amount they see in their Stripe account is $92.30 ($100 – $3.20 – $4.50). These are the lowest rates among all major crowdfunding platforms and are necessary in order to cover the costs of providing these services.

Is fullride.me a charity?
No. While helping students with their finances is the core mission at fullride.me, we are not a registered charity or a non-profit organization (yet).

Are my donations tax deductible?
Donations made to student campaigns are generally considered to be “personal gifts” and are not taxed as income in the US. You should always check with a tax professional to be sure as there may be stipulations in your state or country.

What is Stripe?
Stripe is an online payment processor (like PayPal). They provide a secure environment to process credit cards and transfer funds to bank accounts. It’s important to note that a Stripe account is separate from a fullride.me account. This means not all personal details or bank information shared with Stripe is shared with fullride.me.
Why does fullride.me use Stripe instead of PayPal?
For details on why fullride.me uses Stripe, please read the Why Stripe? blog post.
What info is needed to connect with Stripe?
Stripe provides a secure environment to process credit cards and transfer funds to bank accounts. To provide this service, Stripe does need some personal information about you. Here’s an example of what Mia’s Stripe account setup looks like…


How do I add content to my fullride.me site?
To add content, login at fullride.me/login. Once logged in students can add, edit or remove content from their fullride.me dashboard.


Why doesn’t anything happen when I enter an ISBN number?
After an ISBN number is provided in the “add new book” form, fullride.me uses the Google books API to grab book information. While Google books has a very large library of information, it is not complete and will sometimes not return any information.
Can I add books, classes and posts with my phone?
Yes, the dashboard is 100% mobile friendly. Students can easily take pictures for their books or posts and upload them all from their phone.
What does “Autoload Additional Items” mean?
When students have more than 9 items posted, a link is displayed to load additional items on the page. When the “Autoload Additional Items” site setting is checked, the additional items are automatically loaded as users scroll down the student’s page.


How do I get help from fullride.me?
Please email support@fullride.me or tweet @fullrideMe if you have any comments, questions or concerns not covered here.