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Catering for Career Fair

Come network with science, technology and environmental employers as well as your fellow UW Bothell students and alumni who are interested in internships and careers! This is a great chance to build relationships, practice networking, and learn about various employment opportunities including internships, part-time, and full-time jobs.


Conference Tickets

We hope to attend the biggest Environment Science conference in Seattle this Spring. Tickets are $100 for each attendee, so if we fail to get funding, we’ll be forced to run a lottery to see which students get to go. With your support, we’re hoping we won’t have to do that.


Leadership Profile: Emily Smith

Emily hails from Provo, Utah. She enrolled at UWB for the nursing program, but joinged the Exploration Club with the hope of getting some good shots of Bald Eagles in their natural habitat. Emily loves…

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Leadership Profile: Eddie Chen

Eddie is our newest leadership member. He’s currently in the Engineering program at UWB, but growing up in California, he’s never been out exploring in the Northwest. Eddie joined as soon as he heard about…

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Leadership Profile: Jason Williams

Jason is no stranger to the outdoors. He’s a five-time winner of the National Hiking Associations Trek award. He believe exploring nature is our duty as citizens of the Pacific Northwest. Every weekend Jason goes…

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Leadership Profile: Tracy Miller

Tracy is the Exploration Club treasurer. Growing up in Montana, she has a fondness for all things outdoors. Like other club members, Tracy enrolled at UWB after hearing about the Environmental Sciences program. She has…

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